Orange - Gourdon

Let the orange, be our favourite color of the day ;-)

Let's play - Souillac

...with the snow of course!

Surprise! - Ave. Champs Elysées

Can you see the past in the middle of the modern night life?

Yellow colors - Cahors

There is moments where words aren't enough to describe what you can see...


I went back to my country for vacations and of course I took my camera with me, enjoy some pictures of La Isla Del Encanto.

I wanted to do the same.

ahhh,the backyard of one of my best friends...yep, she's a lucky girl!

green...and blue

I can offer you a cup of coffee with the Governor....or at least, this is the cup where the Governor took coffee...

You like it? For a hundred bucks you have a new pet!

Young Ellie: Dad, do you think there's people on other planets?
Ted Arroway: I don't know, Sparks. But I guess I'd say if it is just us... seems like an awful waste of space.
(From the movie Contact) Radiotelescope of Arecibo, the BIGGEST radiotelescope of the world.

Every hour the Fort Buchanan Swimming Pool at Guaynabo, close for 10 minutes...sometimes 10 minutes can be an eternity.

Red heart @ Caguas

My father's favorite hobby...small planes

At Icacos...I love this place!

One of the "Black Guardians of the Arts" at Centro de Bellas Artes, San Juan


The Red Surprise

It's my first Atumn and I have to say that this season has become my favourite. Red surprises on maple trees everywhere I look...awesome!

The men in the garden -Jardin de Luxemburgo

There is a man, an eternal man enjoying the Autumn at Luxemburgo...

Up to the blue sky - Puteaux,Paris

I have to pass by this blue tunnel almost every day...I wonder if the so called "stairwalk to heaven" is like this...

Run bunny, run -Techno Parade de Paris '09

In the middle of people, surrounded by the techno music and smelling smoke and alcohol...sometimes you can catch interesting things to see.

Summer time! - La Seine

Was soooo hot! For a moment I just wanted to be that dog.

"Je voudrais regarder..." -Trocadero

I wonder if it was a love letter.A love letter that never arrived to the person loved or a love letter who the person that rode it didn't liked and throw...Maybe in the "best" of cases, it just fall and got lost.

Les fleurs - Rue Boulevard

Flowers, flowers everywhere! :D

Red Sky- En banlieu

I never use filters to take my pics. But I took this one with my sun glasses in front of the lens just to experiment. Nice, dont you think?

Look Up! -St. Eustache

Sometimes, when you walk if you just look up, you can find big surprises that make you smile. Maybe because they are beautiful, inmense or amazing.
I love surprises!

Yellow Zebra - Forum Les Halles

It should be nice to have a bycicle that looks like a yellow zebra. When you ride on it, the streets of Paris will transform in a magic and savage land... mmm, imagination not so far from reality.

Hey you! - Near église St. Eustache

There is a woman who never sleeps. A woman who is always looking the firemen near her. A woman who looks like she is always saying...hey, you!

Grass toes - Place St. Eustache

People relaxing in the grass mean just one thing...Summer is finally here!

Golden Prayer -église Sainte-Geneviève

The Pope Juan Pablo II came to this church years ago. I wonder if he thought the same as me... my thought? It's a secret.'s Paris...

Bags or shoes? In Paris all is possible....

Oh rain...

As one of my friends told me the other day... Paris is the new London!

**This great picture was took by my bf Olivier Roussy. If you want to see more of his incredible pics, you can visit his blog: ***

Candy Apples -Disneyland Paris

One of my favorite treats...would you like one?

Le violonist et la petite fille -Montmarte

She was enjoying so much her "private concert" !

3 ladies

In front of one of the buildings of the Bibliotéque National de France, these three bronze ladies welcome you.

Viva la France!!!

Amazing... gold everywhere!

Eternal Audrey -Paris

Even as a doll Audrey Hepburn likes fashion!

Naked feet - La Mosquée de Paris

Women and men pray in separate spaces inside the temple, even outside, their shoes are separate too.

Human-frogs or Frog-humans? - Jardin de Versailles

When I saw this wierd sculptures at the garden fountains, I thought that the artist who made them was creative...and wierd....

Marché dolls - Paris

It's funny and interesting all the things you can see at the "petit marché". Like this dolls..they look like if they were waiting sadly for a new owner.

Lines of the Louvre- Paris

Squares, triangles, vertical, horizontal, diagonal lines.... in fact a huge pyramid!

White Horse

Sometimes I can find nice "friends" for the Tower Eiffel ;-)

Violeta -Colette's Garden

Blue... I love blue, but sometimes purple its so beautifu!

Goodbye first day of Spring - Paris