Violeta -Colette's Garden

Blue... I love blue, but sometimes purple its so beautifu!

Goodbye first day of Spring - Paris


Street Bee - St.Placide, Paris

I think this is the cutest bee I've ever seen!

Wolf Mother - Paris

I don't remember very well the story that this sculpture represents...and you?

It's bigger at the end... -Paris

Much much bigger...don't you think?

Playing on the stairwalk - Paris

Why walk when you can just slide?!?

Yellow Friends - St. Placide, Paris

I love Spring! And I think this guy too ;-)

Moving mirror - Lognes

I saw it this afternoon and the water was moving so fast. I was impressed, I dont see that everyday.

Stairwalk to blue - Les Halles

The sky was perfect!

MADE: 06.03.09

Heading up! - Les Halles

This one is a huge building, dont get tricked with this part of the roof..hehe

MADE: 06.03.09

LOVE- Paris

As you know, Paris is the most romantic city of the world.

MADE: 01.03.09

Let it snow... -Paris

February and snowing... not normal here.

MADE: 07.02.09

Bike - Paris

The best transportation of all.

MADE: 04.02.09

Dark - Paris

Winter afternoon.

Should I bite her? - Jardin de Luxembourg

It reminds me to one of my favorite books, Twilight.

MADE: 04.02.09

Reflect -Jardin de Luxembourg

I should turn upside down this picture to see your reaction...

MADE: 04.02.09

1,2,3 - Jardin de Luxembourg

Do you want to count them?

MADE: 04.02.09

Big Star -Paris

The sun was here...but not hot at all.

MADE: 02.02.09

Crystal view -Paris

GREAT VIEW! Coooold day!!!!

MADE: 07.01.09

Orange - La Défense

I saw this orange... so pretty!

MADE: 12.09.08

2 in 1 - La Défense

One face, two faces? All depends what you want to see.


Punk - Paris

A flower with a punk style...hehe

MADE: 08.08.08

Verde que te quiero verde - Paris

Suddenly I look up and this was my view. Nice!

MADE: 06.08.08

Meeting with God -Montmarte

I hope he was listened.

MADE: 09.08.08

Soldes - Paris *Montmarte

Very colorfull; dont you think?

MADE: 09.09.08

Secret - The Louvre

It looks so real! Another one of my favorite pictures.

MADE: 07.09.08

Sad Roses -Montmarte Cemetery


MADE: 28.08.08

5 seconds in the air - Les Halles

Flying just for a little bit of time.

MADE: 04.08.08

Sharing Secrets -Les Halles

I just wonder what they were talking about.

MADE: 04.08.08

Girls playing - Les Halles

I felt lucky to see this moment and take a picture of it. It made me smile.

MADE: 04.08.08

A PIED - La Plage de la Seine

One of my favorite pictures. He just looks like if he was going to walk out of the picture.

MADE: 04.08.08

Lines - Inside the Louvre

It looks so distant...and so many different lines in just one place, was nice.

MADE: 3.08.08

Sushi Love - rue parisienne

Are you in love with the YUMMY Sushi?

MADE: 01.08.08

Happy sunny day - La Plage de la Seine

This was a perfect, beautifull, sunny day for kids to play with water.

Made: 29.07.08

So BIG! -Tour Eiffel

I knew was big...but in fact its SOOOO BIG!!!!
MADE: 29.07.08