I went back to my country for vacations and of course I took my camera with me, enjoy some pictures of La Isla Del Encanto.

I wanted to do the same.

ahhh,the backyard of one of my best friends...yep, she's a lucky girl!

green...and blue

I can offer you a cup of coffee with the Governor....or at least, this is the cup where the Governor took coffee...

You like it? For a hundred bucks you have a new pet!

Young Ellie: Dad, do you think there's people on other planets?
Ted Arroway: I don't know, Sparks. But I guess I'd say if it is just us... seems like an awful waste of space.
(From the movie Contact) Radiotelescope of Arecibo, the BIGGEST radiotelescope of the world.

Every hour the Fort Buchanan Swimming Pool at Guaynabo, close for 10 minutes...sometimes 10 minutes can be an eternity.

Red heart @ Caguas

My father's favorite hobby...small planes

At Icacos...I love this place!

One of the "Black Guardians of the Arts" at Centro de Bellas Artes, San Juan


The Red Surprise

It's my first Atumn and I have to say that this season has become my favourite. Red surprises on maple trees everywhere I look...awesome!