Summer time! - La Seine

Was soooo hot! For a moment I just wanted to be that dog.

"Je voudrais regarder..." -Trocadero

I wonder if it was a love letter.A love letter that never arrived to the person loved or a love letter who the person that rode it didn't liked and throw...Maybe in the "best" of cases, it just fall and got lost.

Les fleurs - Rue Boulevard

Flowers, flowers everywhere! :D

Red Sky- En banlieu

I never use filters to take my pics. But I took this one with my sun glasses in front of the lens just to experiment. Nice, dont you think?

Look Up! -St. Eustache

Sometimes, when you walk if you just look up, you can find big surprises that make you smile. Maybe because they are beautiful, inmense or amazing.
I love surprises!

Yellow Zebra - Forum Les Halles

It should be nice to have a bycicle that looks like a yellow zebra. When you ride on it, the streets of Paris will transform in a magic and savage land... mmm, imagination not so far from reality.

Hey you! - Near église St. Eustache

There is a woman who never sleeps. A woman who is always looking the firemen near her. A woman who looks like she is always saying...hey, you!

Grass toes - Place St. Eustache

People relaxing in the grass mean just one thing...Summer is finally here!

Golden Prayer -église Sainte-Geneviève

The Pope Juan Pablo II came to this church years ago. I wonder if he thought the same as me... my thought? It's a secret.'s Paris...

Bags or shoes? In Paris all is possible....

Oh rain...

As one of my friends told me the other day... Paris is the new London!

**This great picture was took by my bf Olivier Roussy. If you want to see more of his incredible pics, you can visit his blog: ***

Candy Apples -Disneyland Paris

One of my favorite treats...would you like one?

Le violonist et la petite fille -Montmarte

She was enjoying so much her "private concert" !