3 ladies

In front of one of the buildings of the Bibliotéque National de France, these three bronze ladies welcome you.


  1. Hi Milaysha. Great photos! Where are the best areas of Paris to photograph away from the tourists? I'm visiting soon and keen to find out from a local person! Thanks!

  2. Ah, the Square Louvois. What is most interesting here is that it was the old site of the national opera house, but that was pulled down after a member of the aristocracy was assasinated outside.

    SP: Anywhere, anywhere! Try Menilmontant and Belleville, but these are quite popular too. If you want more obscure, the old village of Charonne is great to photograph, and the new 'Rive Gauche' development is good for architectural shots and old/new contrasts.

  3. Thanks a lot to both of u :D