"Je voudrais regarder..." -Trocadero

I wonder if it was a love letter.A love letter that never arrived to the person loved or a love letter who the person that rode it didn't liked and throw...Maybe in the "best" of cases, it just fall and got lost.


  1. So sad... love in a muddy pool... A metaphor of what sometimes happens...

  2. Es Paris, cualquiera de las versiones puede ser correcta. No me mientas MIlaysha, ustedes son quĂ­ntuples. ¿Como pueden estar en tantos sitios hermosos a le vez?

  3. I love finding things like this. In London, I once found two pages of a letter that an unhappy Irishman had written home, all about his new life - it was just sat in a bus shelter, I did hope he was ok.

  4. J'adore cette photo...

    Just stumbled on your blog, starting from "Next Blog" and going from one blog to the next...

    Life is full of serendipity.

    Did you not read the letter?

  5. Borincano- SI fueramos quintuples, este mundo terminaria siendo muy pequeno! Hehehe

    SP- Ilike when I found stuff like this....notes, papers with market list, things that ppl write with a purpose but u always as urself if the purpose was comitted or not...

    Anne D.- In fact, I rode it better after posting it here. The day I took the pic, I was on a bus stop and I had the perfect time for taking the picture and done.
    I agree with you, Life is full of serendipity :)